1. artofthedarkages:

    3r, Gospels, Cotton MS Nero D IV, British Library

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  2. signorcasaubon:

    Master of the Houghton Miniatures - Annunciation to the Shepherds; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California, USA; c.1480

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  3. petitcabinetdecuriosites:

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    The Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena, Italy
    The Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena, near Rimini in Northern Italy is without doubt the best-preserved example of what a late Medieval library looked like. Constructed in 1452 for Malatesta Novello, it was designed by the otherwise unknown architect Matteo Nutti. It still contains the books that Malatesta commissioned to be painstakingly copied out by hand. Each has been preserved in its original position, chained to the desks to prevent theft. In libraries such as this one, the readers went to the desk where the book was situated rather than requesting for the books to be brought to them. The brick vaults, covered in green painted plaster, were designed to resist fire.

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  4. medieval:

    From a treatise on astronomy and navigation.

    1450-1500, Italian (via)

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  5. demonagerie:

    Biblioteca Digital Hispánica. Libro de horas de Leonor de la Vega (15th century). Princess Leia tempts Eve.

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  6. artofthedarkages:

    29r, 81v, & 99r, Isidore’s Etymologiae, Harley MS 3941, British Library

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  7. artofthedarkages:

    79r, Gospels, Cotton MS Nero D IV, British Library

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  8. theraccolta:

    Miniature of Anne, Duchess of Bedford praying before St Anne, f. 257v from the Bedford Hours

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  9. artofthedarkages:

    90r, Gospels, MS 58, Trinity College Dublin

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  10. artofthedarkages:

    90r, Gospels, Cotton MS Nero D IV, British Library

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