1. nihtegale:

    Old Man of the Mountain watches dancing in a false paradise, surrounded by fantastic creatures, c.1410-1420

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  2. the-seraphic-book-of-eloy:

    Les Triomphes, Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374)



  4. medievalpoc:

    Book of Hours, Dutch (Utrecht or Delft)

    f. 67r: Mermaid With a Mirror

    Netherlands (c. 1410-1420)

    Illuminated Manuscript (parchment codex), 125 x 90 mm.

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    I literally just find stuff like going through illuminated manuscripts (this one’s 179 pages) into the wee hours sometimes. They aren’t labeled, tagged, or marked in any way. No one told me they were there. And then I find something like this, and I get to share it with all of you.

    I just really like mermaids okay

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  5. nihtegale:

    Bacchus, Roman god of wine and agriculture c. 1496-1498

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  6. nihtegale:

    Fredegonde burns the witches, c.1493

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  7. miaofeng:

    + Holy Week · Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 +

    Deus Deus meus quare dereliquisti me?

    pic: Missal of Eberhard von Greiffenklau, Entry into Jerusalem, Walters Manuscript W.174, fol. 72v, second quarter of the fifteenth century, The Walters Art Museum 

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  8. houghtonlib:

    Horae beatae Mariae virginis (use of Paris) : manuscript, [ca. 1515]

    MS Richardson 10

    Houghton Library, Harvard University

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  9. human-history:

    The writers of the four Gospels, which relate the story of Christ’s life, were often symbolized by animals. Winged creaturees stood for Matthew, a lion for Mark, an ox for Luke, and an eagle for John. These symbols were based upon the vision of Saint John in the Book of Revelation (4:6–7). On this ivory plaque, the animal symbols, holding their Gospels, are arranged around the cross. At the center appears the Lamb of God, a symbol of Christ. Originally, this plaque would have decorated the cover of an Evangiliary, a manuscript containing all four Gospels.

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  10. eadfrith:

    Christ’s entry into Jerusalem - celebrated today as Palm Sunday.

    The Luttrell Psalter - folio 90r

    Crowds lay their clothes on the ground while others wave palms.

    Manuscript made in Lincolnshire, England, between 1320-1340 for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell.

    British Library, Add. MS 42130; Images from the British Library manuscript pages.