1. magictransistor:

    Saint Bede the Venerable, Saint Isidore of Sevilla, Saint Abbo of Fleury. Cosmography, Walters MS W73. 1100s.

    Created in 12th century England, this manuscript was intended to be a scientific textbook for monks, designed as a compendium of cosmographical knowledge. The complex diagrams that accompany the texts help to illustrate this knowledge, and include visualizations of the heavens and earth, seasons, winds, tides, and the zodiac, as well as demonstrations of how these things relate to man. Most of the diagrams are rotae, or wheel-shaped schemata, favored throughout the Middle Ages for the presentation of scientific and cosmological ideas. Moreover, the circle, considered the most perfect shape and a symbol of God, was seen as conveying the cyclical nature of time as well as the logic, order, and harmony of the created universe.


  2. heaveninawildflower:

    Full page miniature of grape gathering with treading grapes in the background for September. From a Book of Hours circa 1500.

    Image and text courtesy NYPL Digital Gallery.


  3. jeannepompadour:

    Illuminations from the Peterborough Psalter, 1300-1325 England

    (via bookeofhowrs)


  4. lionofchaeronea:

    Christ enthroned, surrounded by the animal symbols of the four Evangelists (Matthew=angel; Mark=lion; Luke=bull; John=eagle).  Miniature from the Evangelistar of Speyer, Codex Bruchsal 1 01v, ca. 1220.  Now in the Badische Landesbibliothek, Karlsruhe, Germany.


  5. thegetty:

    12 Months, 12 Labors, 12 Zodiacal Signs

    January — Aquarius — Feasting and Warming
    February — Pisces —Working in a Vineyard
    March — Aries —Pruning Trees or Digging
    April —Taurus — Farming, Milking Animals and Butter-making
    May — Gemini — Music-Making
    June — Cancer — Sheepshearing 
    July — Leo — Mowing
    August — Virgo — Reaping
    September — Scorpio — Plowing and Sowing
    October — Libra — Slaughtering an Ox
    November — Sagittarius — Threshing and Pig Feeding
    December — Capricorn — Slaughtering of Pigs

    Illuminations from the Spinola Hours showcase the labors of the months. September is for plowing, sowing and harvesting grapes.


  6. mediumaevum:

    The Madrid Skylitzes is a richly illustrated illuminated manuscript of the Synopsis of Histories (Σύνοψις Ἱστοριῶν), by John Skylitzes, which covers the reigns of the Byzantine emperors from the death of Nicephorus I in 811 to the deposition of Michael IV in 1057. The manuscript was produced in Sicily in the 12th century.

    image: fol. 108r: Tsar Symeon I of Bulgaria defating the Byzantine army, led by Procopius Crenites and Curtacius the Armenian in Macedonia


  7. magictransistor:

    Otto Homburger. Rabanus Maurus, Figure Poems. Four Cardinal Virtues, Four Elements, Twelve Months Zodiac and Winds, 365 Days of the Year, Number 70, Five Books of the Pentateuch, The Name Adam, 276 Days of the Incarnation of Christ, The 5231 Years from the Beginning of Time to the Passion of Christ, Four Evangelists and the Lamb of God (top to bottom). Codice 9, Burgerbibliothek. 11th century.


  8. apjhorton:

    What player-characters’ plans are like…

    [Maiden lures unicorn with a mirror. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KB, 78 D 40 ]


  9. booksnbuildings:

    Full-page miniature depicting a city, from a German illuminated manuscript, circa 1450-1500.