1. goatjinku:

    Cuthbert in a boat at sea, with two other men, from Chapter 11 of Bede’s prose Life of St Cuthbert


  2. elyssediamond:

    Grimani Breviary: The Month of August
    Unknown Miniaturist, Flemish (active 1490-1510 in Flanders)
    Biblioteca Marciana


  3. aymerydelamaisonfort:

    Marginal illustration from the Ockeghem Missa Mi-Mi manuscript, from the Chigi Codex ca. 1500


  4. piety-patience-modesty-distrust:

    Dante’s Paradiso, Manuscript illumination by Giovanni di Paolo (1450)

    • St. Bonaventure shows the Saints to Dante, from Canto 12 of the Paradise of the Divine Comedy. The majority of figures pointed out to Dante in this passage are famous theologians: St. Augustine, Hugh of St. Victor, Peter Comestor, Chrysostom, Anselm, and Rabanus Maurus.”
    • Dante meets St. Thomas Aquinas and Albert the Great in Canto 10 of the Paradise, among the lovers of divine wisdom. Beneath them are Boethius, St. Denis the Areopagite, Gratian, Peter Lombard, Paul Orosius, Solomon, St. Isidore of Seville, the Venerable Bede, Richard of St. Victor and Siger of Brabant. “



  5. piety-patience-modesty-distrust:

    Details from Dante’s Divine Comedy
    Inferno and Purgatorio (ff. 1-128), and all historiated initials illuminated by Priamo della Quercia between 1442 and 1450 (previously attributed to Lorenzo Vecchietta, see Pope-Hennessy 1947); Paradiso (ff. 129-190v) illuminated by Giovanni di Paolo c. 1450.



  6. adokal:

    Illuminated manuscript showing a scribe, Netherlands 1479



  7. ceebleu:

    This is a manuscript by Jean Le Joir, a French illuminator. He lived for most of the 13th century and had his daughter, Bourgot assist him with most of his illuminations or drawings.

    I haven’t the faintest idea as to what this particular illumination was about, but I just find it beautiful. I was told it’s dated around 1350. 

    For those of you who don’t know, an illuminator is someone who decorates a manuscript. They call them Illuminated Manuscripts. Typically they’re about Alchemy (from the ones I’ve seen) or religious ideals. Often times, they will mix the two together.

    I’m a novice at this stuff so. :D


  8. illustrious-divinity:

    Evangelist St Mark with his symbol as a lion…


  9. dafyddaprhys:

    Augsburg, Universitätsbibliothek, Cod. I.2.4° 1, Sacramentarium Gregorianum Hadrianum, folio 1r.  Lorsch, middle or second half of the 9th century.


  10. dafyddaprhys:

    The Nativity and The Annunciation to the Shepherds, from a Gospel Book from St. Lambrecht’s Abbey, Germany. 14th century